New hat and websites

I’ve been working on migrating the AACC website to a new host for a week or more.  I think I have it ready to go, but the files may not show up for 72 hours more or less. I hope, less. In my “uploading/downloading time” while I was stuck idle at the keyboard, I left the laptop and worked on some sewing.


I find myself conflicted. I love subtle colors, but I have, in my later years, come to love brights. 



I put the subtle turquoise on one side…




and bright colors on the other. They are reversible, so you can choose which one you like. 



I also made some new card cases. I love these little things! I used sew-on snaps on these. I’ve begun to wonder how well the Velcro will hold up to repeated opening and closing, although it is a lot easier to sew on than the snaps.




All lined up. 




The backs. See the little raccoon in the upper left?




Open for business. 



My best thing, though, is the new hat I made. Eiko wove the fabric in linen and

many coordinating colors. I hated to cut into it, but when I did and stitched it up according to what a lady described at Locally Grown Gallery, it turned out spectacular I think.