hats, Hats, HATS!!! Whew! They’re in the Bag

The hats and one bag are all finished for Eiko’s show this weekend. I hope the hurricanes and lesser showers stay away from Aiken, South Carolina, and Aiken’s Makin.  Good luck, Eiko! 

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I have to say I really like some of these. I will have to use these patterns again. I love the berets with the refashioned knit bands. The brown band on this latest beret is SOOOOO soft! I cut it from a ladies’ t-shirt that I found at a thrift store and it’s almost buttery soft. 

Broad-brimmed Sunhat turned-up brim

The broad-brimmed sun hat is light and airy in the crown, but the brim is interlined with a foam that’s used to pad and stiffen purses without too much stiffness or weight. It holds its shape well and turns up nicely all the way around or just half-way.  I will be using more of this for stiffening. 

Front of cap

The adult and child caps are cut on the bias and it gives them a great shape. It was a little fidgety to get sewn, but by serging the edges before sewing them it helped hold them in shape better. 

I think I invented the pleated brim, but, who knows? There is nothing new under the sun, after all. I like it. Hope someone else does. 

Hat with pleated brim.
Detail of pleat








These pictures don’t do it justice. I was in a hurry. The pleats make the brim looks a little like the edges of a morning glory flower. 

The bag was just a whimsy. Eiko had woven some wide stripes and I couldn’t bear to cut into them, so I used the full width and made a tote from them. 

If you’re in the Aiken, South Carolina, area this weekend try to take in the festival. It looks like a lot of fun and Eiko is very cute and friendly!

Author: denise

I have done beadwork for over 25 years and got so interested in jewelry design that I took two metalwork classes at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee from wonderful teachers were Deborah Lynn Gold and Marjorie Simon. I recently took a soutache jewelry class from Amee K. Sweet-McNamara at White Fox Beads in Knoxville which was pretty incredible, too. Love working with the soutache. I can't choose a favorite medium. I love sculptural work and adore forming and fabricating metals, but three-dimensional beadwork is great too. Lately I've gone back to sewing and refashioning cast-off clothing–mostly men's shirts, into girls' clothing. I also enjoy making handbags and wallets. They are really fun to put together–like a puzzle.