Orchids & Pond Island

The white phal has continued to flower and now has six blossoms on it. You can only see five in the photos, but believe me, it’s there. It’s just hiding in the back. 

I really want to branch out and have some cattleyas, I don’t know where I’d put them. I would either have to hang some of the orchids or get rid of the African violets. It seems like I’ve always had African violets. I don’t really want to give them up and my granddaughter loves them. They love the window that they’re in and they bloom all the time. I only have four left. Two of them are duplicates. Maybe I’ll give one of them to the granddaughter. 

Yesterday I made a floating island for my pond. My wonderful husband dug a couple of cardinal flowers from our half of the creek and brought them to me. I used a pool noodle and some left-over pond liner to make a shallow “pot” for them, made small holes in the bottom of it with a skewer and put the plants in with some more garden soil. The cardinal flowers are making seed heads so I’m hoping that if the plants eventually die that the seeds will come up. I would love to have some trailing plants and some medium tall ones to fill in. I’m just not sure what to plant yet. 











After something ate most of my koi and goldfish this spring I was worried that the only two left would be the same sex and I would have to buy more fish, BUT there were already tiny hatchlings in the pond. They’re about an inch long now and are so cute! I get to see one or two every time I clean out the skimmer and they like to congregate under the waterfall. Now I need some polyester quilt batting to put in the skimmer to clean the water. I thought I had some, but, of course, I have used it up.