It’s been a long, long time

I’m sorry it’s been so long between posts. I feel like all I’ve done is try to fix a website that wasn’t really broken on my end. It was down for 5 weeks while I called and called tech support to no avail. I tried everything I could think of to fix it. Something went wrong on their end and they did not admit it. Please, never use Bluehost. Their tech support is horrid. With the help of a really nice fellow named Kumar at WP Fix It, we migrated the website to a new host that is already SO much better. SSL was installed almost instantly. I found Kumar here.  After an hour or so (maybe more) on GoToMeeting, Kumar and I are now Facebook friends.  {{{{Hi, Kumar}}}} He does the greatest sculptures from Shilpkar clay. Cute!

Now, I have some time to be creative again and to post some photos that I’ve been wanting to post since before Thanksgiving. We have snow on the ground now and the temperature was 8°F last night. It’s supposed to be warming to 12°F tonight.  That’s a far cry from some of the photos, and the warm(?) 50s that we’re supposed to have this weekend. 

With that said, here they are. Enjoy. 

I Gnome more now

Since I’ve been making hats from wool felt, I have small (and large) scraps of felt leftover.


Wool Felt Hat
Wool Felt Hat







I was wondering what to do with them. I can’t stand to throw away anything usable, so I searched Pinterest for ideas and found wooden peg gnomes that I fell in love with. Pins lead me to Etsy shops and one Etsy shop in particular, which is closed now, lead me to Painting Pixie’s website. I LOVE HER WORK!

I ordered some wooden pegs in different sizes from here.

These are my results.

IMG_0065 IMG_0062




I’m quite happy with them. My darling granddaughter insisted that I put eyes, nose and mouth on Red Riding Hood, but I prefer just some rosy cheeks on the gnomes. I love cutting out new paper patterns for the clothes and trying different embroidery designs.