Confessions of a Cluttered Mind

I am about to expose my utter shame. From posts on the creative groups on Facebook, I am not alone. What terrible hoarders we creatives are! At least most of us are organized. Not me. Don’t get me wrong. I know where things are for the most part, but my husband cringes at the sight of it. It’s so bad that only family sees my sewing/crafting room. And now you. Partly.

NO ONE  goes in my studio over the garage except me and my husband. It is a disaster. I have things from 20 years ago and things from my former business, things from my productive metalsmithing days and from the days when I could still knit. My hands go numb now and hurt when I hold the needles. I loved knitting. But I digress.

There are craft show displays, painting supplies, picture frames, some of my mother’s old furniture, TWO spinning wheels (Not the small ones, but Great Wheels. One was my great-grandmother’s saved from the kindling pile by my Poppy), genealogy stuff, photo albums, shelves full of books, writing paraphernalia, my Granny’s old trunk–full of stuff, and a very large table at counter height where I used to cut out fabric. My husband built it to save my back. Oh, and a quilting frame he made me. 

Here are the pictures of my terrible messes. 

What’s free and handy?

Interested?  I finally finished the free tutorial for this baby! The Insulated Market Bag.








I last wrote about this project here. That bag has been really handy at the supermarket. I live about 20-30 minutes from the store and need to keep things cold while coming home. This little beauty does the job well.

I promised a tutorial for the bag back in February of 2017. It’s taken a year, but here it is.

Sooooooo many pictures. That shiny aluminum really reflects! I tried to get a photo of the taping of the inner Reflectix® lining, but nooooooooo! Just a bright blob. It reminded me of the old-fashioned flash bulbs that blinded you for a few minutes.

So here it is. Belated Merry Christmas or Early Easter or Happy Birthday or even Jovial Stitching!

Insulated Market Bag Tutorial–New

Insulated Bag Pattern

If the above pattern link doesn’t work, try here.  Alternate Pattern Download

If you find mistakes or anything is unclear, please let me know.

It’s been a long, long time

I’m sorry it’s been so long between posts. I feel like all I’ve done is try to fix a website that wasn’t really broken on my end. It was down for 5 weeks while I called and called tech support to no avail. I tried everything I could think of to fix it. Something went wrong on their end and they did not admit it. Please, never use Bluehost. Their tech support is horrid. With the help of a really nice fellow named Kumar at WP Fix It, we migrated the website to a new host that is already SO much better. SSL was installed almost instantly. I found Kumar here.  After an hour or so (maybe more) on GoToMeeting, Kumar and I are now Facebook friends.  {{{{Hi, Kumar}}}} He does the greatest sculptures from Shilpkar clay. Cute!

Now, I have some time to be creative again and to post some photos that I’ve been wanting to post since before Thanksgiving. We have snow on the ground now and the temperature was 8°F last night. It’s supposed to be warming to 12°F tonight.  That’s a far cry from some of the photos, and the warm(?) 50s that we’re supposed to have this weekend. 

With that said, here they are. Enjoy.