Kicked out cancer

I am now thyroid-free and hopefully cancer-free.  At least I should be after I take a radioactive iodine pill.  The surgeon found more growths in my thyroid than had showed up in the ultrasound.  We thought it would be a pretty routine thyroidectomy, but Murphy’s Law kicked in and there were spider-web-like growths connecting everything.  It must have been a nightmare to cut out.  And I’m a red-head so I bled more than most people.  It took almost twice as long as they had planned.  My back neck was so messed up from it that I had a monster headache for three days.  Then my calcium kept dropping, so I had to stay in the hospital one day longer.  They gave me an ice pack for my neck the second night and I got a few minutes of sleep.  Hospitals are no place to rest.  Now I am home and feeling pretty well.

The doctors were great.  The nurses were awesome.  How do they last through those 12-hour shifts where they are almost constantly running?  And keep smiling?  And the CNAs were mostly great too, except for the one who gave a busted lip while washing my face.  All these people make the best of a bad situation.  Thank you!

Owl Tree on Etsy

I’ve re-opened my Etsy Shop.  Stop by and see what I have new.

New Items

Here are a couple of new pendants I finished.  One is fold-formed copper and the other is hammered sterling and copper with a rutilated quartz and Swarovskis.  The fold-formed pendant is on a handmade chain.