What’s free and handy?

Interested?  I finally finished the free tutorial for this baby! The Insulated Market Bag.








I last wrote about this project here. That bag has been really handy at the supermarket. I live about 20-30 minutes from the store and need to keep things cold while coming home. This little beauty does the job well.

I promised a tutorial for the bag back in February of 2017. It’s taken a year, but here it is.

Sooooooo many pictures. That shiny aluminum really reflects! I tried to get a photo of the taping of the inner Reflectix® lining, but nooooooooo! Just a bright blob. It reminded me of the old-fashioned flash bulbs that blinded you for a few minutes.

So here it is. Belated Merry Christmas or Early Easter or Happy Birthday or even Jovial Stitching!

Insulated Market Bag Tutorial–New

Insulated Bag Pattern

If the above pattern link doesn’t work, try here.  Alternate Pattern Download

If you find mistakes or anything is unclear, please let me know.

hats, Hats, HATS!!! Whew! They’re in the Bag

The hats and one bag are all finished for Eiko’s show this weekend. I hope the hurricanes and lesser showers stay away from Aiken, South Carolina, and Aiken’s Makin.  Good luck, Eiko! 

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I have to say I really like some of these. I will have to use these patterns again. I love the berets with the refashioned knit bands. The brown band on this latest beret is SOOOOO soft! I cut it from a ladies’ t-shirt that I found at a thrift store and it’s almost buttery soft. 

Broad-brimmed Sunhat turned-up brim

The broad-brimmed sun hat is light and airy in the crown, but the brim is interlined with a foam that’s used to pad and stiffen purses without too much stiffness or weight. It holds its shape well and turns up nicely all the way around or just half-way.  I will be using more of this for stiffening. 

Front of cap

The adult and child caps are cut on the bias and it gives them a great shape. It was a little fidgety to get sewn, but by serging the edges before sewing them it helped hold them in shape better. 

I think I invented the pleated brim, but, who knows? There is nothing new under the sun, after all. I like it. Hope someone else does. 

Hat with pleated brim.
Detail of pleat








These pictures don’t do it justice. I was in a hurry. The pleats make the brim looks a little like the edges of a morning glory flower. 

The bag was just a whimsy. Eiko had woven some wide stripes and I couldn’t bear to cut into them, so I used the full width and made a tote from them. 

If you’re in the Aiken, South Carolina, area this weekend try to take in the festival. It looks like a lot of fun and Eiko is very cute and friendly!