Weird Pinterest

This page is dedicated to odd or unusually well-coordinated Pinterest posts that I can’t quite explain. Look for color, texture and shape matching. #weirdpinterest

I’ve seen the Native American woman’s picture several times on Pinterest, but side-by-side with Kate Middleton…separated at birth by a few hundred years?

At first, I thought these were the same item, but NO, they’re a beaded necklace and a crocheted bag/basket.

Several nice Pinterest selections that strangely coordinate.

A well-coordinated view. Look how the holes and swirls of the macaroni echo the dot and swirl and colors of the fractal. Cut to the jacket and note the color and that leads you to the red and brown of the meal on the right, which also echoes the fractal. Nice.screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-1-28-02-amFashions from the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 runways in Berlin. As an added bonus, there is a WWII aircraft model separating the uniform-like suits. Does Pinterest do this on purpose? Is it a coincidence? Algorithms gone ga-ga?